Thursday, September 16, 2010

update on stella

we found out monday that stella's pathology from her eye removal revealed that she has cancerous cells beyond her lamina cribosa, which means she will have to undergo chemotherapy. the doctors are recommending 6 rounds of chemo every 28 days, so we are looking at roughly 6 months of treatment.

i had stella here for the past two days. i think since getting the news and having some of it explained to her she was a bit stressed and worried about what the future holds.

we had a great day today. we went to target and i got her two hats to wear once she loses her hair. we also got her some fun socks and a cute t-shirt. then we came home and she and i worked on her make-up homework all day. we listened to music and sang a lot. she's so amazing! we looked at pictures of people who have a port like she will get for her IV access as well as pictures of people getting chemo so she could see what the chairs and pumps look like. i think today made her feel a little better about her situation. we're going to try to convince will to let her get a mowhawk before we totally shave her head. we looked at stylish mowhawks, too.

here is a picture of her in her her super cool and trendy hat we got today!




Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to hear that....what a great picture of her!

Jennifer said...

Hi Sharon.. sorry to hear about your niece.... quite a few Mobsters are looking for you... hehehehehe... sounds interesting huh? Actually we're over on Facebook with a private group and started wondering about you today.... WHERE YOU BE? Come back and play a while and check in with us!!!!
~ Jennifer